To relax, one can read a book, listen to music—or cook a meal

Home Cooking

家厨 • 手作り料理

In the age of domestic help and ever-shrinking kitchen space, few bother to pick up a skillet in Hong Kong. Jason joins other avid home cooks in the city to promote this disappearing art form. When done right, home cooking frees city dwellers from the shackles of mediocre restaurants and the bane of long lines and excessive salt, fat and MSG. It is both therapeutic and liberating.

Jason collects recipes from his travels, tries them out at home, and eagerly shares them on social media. He is known to host elaborate dinner parties and wine tasting events for like-minded friends. His full-equipped “souped up” kitchen was featured in The Apple Daily in 2014.

In 2015, Jason was invited to speak about the impact of gentrification on Hong Kong’s food culture at the inaugural Raising the Bar initiative. He has also appeared in various cooking shows on television, including “My Taste of Hong Kong” on Discovery TV's TLC Channel in 2015 and “Wook’s Food Odyssey” on the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) in 2017.

Publishing his own cookbook is near the top of Jason's bucket list.

Jason hosting the Hong Kong episode of a Korean national food and travel show

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