Giving a talk on Hong Kong food culture at the KEE Club


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Jason is a restaurant critic and an avid home cook.

His cooking days can be traced back to his boarding school years, when preparing a meal at the dormitory kitchen was as much as a means of survival as it was a bonding ritual. Spending weekends and holidays with local families in northern Italy provided him with an immersion course in Friuli-Venezia Giulia cuisine and Mediterranean hospitality.

Since then, Jason continued his epicurean journey in North America. In New York City, he carried his tattered copy of the Zagat Survey like a roadmap and navigated his way through the world's most vibrant restaurant scene.

Over the years, he has taken courses in French and Italian cooking, and become an apprentice to his mother learning the coveted secrets of classic Cantonese soups and dishes.

One of Jason’s restaurant reviews in the South China Morning Post

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