“[Ng provides] a literary panorama of Hong Kong through the eyes of an international returnee.” —Gafencu magazine

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Jason has been blogging about Hong Kong's political and social issues since 2008. He now contributes to a number of news media outlets.

Jason is a member of the Foreign Correspondents' Club.


Jason is a contributor to the online edition of The South China Morning Post, Hong Kong's leading English language newspaper. His articles on local politics are frequently cited by international news organizations, including BBC News and The New York Times.

Jason's South China Morning Post column


Jason is a contributor to Hong Kong Free Press, an independent English-language news media outlet seeking to unite critical voices on local affairs. Jason's article on social and political issues have been cited frequently by the foreign press.

Jason's Hong Kong Free Press column


The biweekly online column began in 2008 as a social commentary on Hong Kong’s many paradoxes and contradictions. Jason is a zealous observer who tells it like it is, writes it as he sees it. The blog commands a sizable following of readers in Asia and beyond. Blog posts from As I See It are frequently cited by overseas news media.

Media attention

“A literary panorama of Hong Kong through the eyes of an international returnee.” —Gafencu magazine

“An extremely good read on Hong Kong. Jason's articles give you deep insights into Hong Kong's local culture without you being here in Hong Kong.” —Big Foot Tour

“Well-written and relevant, especially to [the people] in Hong Kong.” —Quentin Lee, U.S.-based filmmaker

“Jason regularly shares his amusing observations and thought-provoking opinions concerning events in Hong Kong, and he rarely holds back.” —Finland-based GB Times

As I See It


Frustrated by biased restaurant reviews and retail recommendations that proclaim “everything is awesome,” Jason launched his second blog, The Real Deal, in 2012 to offer bite-sized, straight-to-the-point opinions on the dernier cri in the city’s leisure scene. Jason combines wry humor with razor sharp observations to assemble a catalog of no holds barred restaurant, movie, hotel and retail reviews that readers can trust.

Media attention

“Ng is nothing less than candid in his reviews of films and restaurants, starting with fats and moving on to opinion.” —Gafencu magazine

The Real Deal


MANIFESTO is the first Hong Kong-based English language unisex magazine on luxury fashion, design and pop-culture. The bimonthly magazine brings together an elite team of international contributors and key opinion leaders that deliver exclusive quality content in each issue, including fashion spread, opinion columns and trend reports. Since 2013, the magazine has been stocked in bookstores and newsstands around the world, including the United States, Europe, Latin America and Australia.

Between 2011 and 2015, Jason was a columnist for MANIFESTO. “The Urban Confessional” was an opinion column on social issues and current affairs in Hong Kong reflecting the writer’s unique international perspective.

Jason's Manifesto column

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