“If there is one Hong Konger who ought to be called a champion of foreign domestic workers, it has to be Ng.” —The Sun newspaper


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Jason is active in various progressive causes, including free expression, conservation, and the rights of migrant workers and other minority groups.

In addition, Jason continues to work with NGOs on various initiatives to help under-privileged children and minority groups. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Helping dyslexic children through St. James’s Settlement’s “Read, Write, Fun” program
  • Organizing workshops with the Hong Kong Association of Banks (HKAB) to promote financial literacy among under-privileged families
  • Securing corporate funding for Room to Read to promote literacy for young girls in India
  • Hosting events with The Women’s Foundation (TWF) to promote gender rights and equality in the workplace
  • Helping children from immigrant families learn English through “Project We Can” in collaboration with Man Kiu College
Jason has been involved in, among other initiatives for migrant workers, a leadership and entrepreneurship program

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